Thursday, August 4, 2011


I wrote this a while back, and just went back and re-read it.
I decided to post it on here to give me motivation to finish it someday.

Once upon a time, in a quiet forest not too far from here (wherever "here" may be), there lived a sparrow named Sally. She was a bright young thing, full of life, and always had a pleasant song to sing to whoever would pass by. Eventually, Sally became curious as to what the world outside of her nest had to offer, as all young sparrows do. She had friends who had already spread their wings and flown away for bits of time, to come back with stories of adventure and intrigue of the world beyond the oak tree in which they had once lived. They would only stay for a few days before they became restless once again, and would disappear in the middle of the night, without a sound. After a long time of waiting, Sally let her curiosity get the better of her. One evening, just as the sun had set and all the other sparrows had gone to bed, she tiptoed out of her nest and onto a branch of the big oak tree. She looked out over the forest. "The world is so big!" she thought to herself. She wondered how she had never noticed it with her own eyes before. She took one last look at Momma and Poppa sparrow, safely tucked into their warm bed, made of soft hay and yarn and all the things that sparrows delight in, and, like a whisper, she was off.

If you asked her to describe how it felt – the first time flying on her own – she wouldn't have been able to tell you. There were so many sights, sounds, and smells! She could feel the wind rush underneath her, making her feel weightless, murmuring to her all of the possibilities that awaited her if she just kept flying. She could hear in the distance all of her friends who had left their nests before her. There was laughter and ease in their voices. Sally was absolutely thrilled when she arrived home a few hours later, but what was waiting for her was a very worried Mom and Pop. "You don't know what it's like out there, Sally." they warned her. "It's full of unforeseen dangers that a young sparrow like you knows nothing about. Stay home, Sally. Stay home." And so, for a while, she did. She kept herself busy talking with Mom and Pop, laughing, learning, and living life together with all of the beautiful creatures that lived in her big oak tree.

One night, while Sally was sleeping peacefully, seemingly without a care in the world, she awoke with a start. The wind outside – was it speaking to her? "Come on, Sally!" She could hear a soft whisper, almost a mocking giggle. "Come on! Let me take you flying again! You remember how it felt! You were on top of the world! Weightless!"
"No!" Sally replied. While she would never usually talk to such a thing as the wind, it was so real, right there, that she felt she had no choice. "I like it here! I'm safe! I'm loved! Leave me be."
The wind replied with no words, but instead slithered into Sally's nest and chilled her to her core. She shivered and looked over at Mom and Pop, who were lying completely undisturbed. Their chests were rising and falling in silent unison, and Sally couldn't help but wonder if she was simply having a bad dream. She didn't remember the wind making her feel this way that first night. It was so freeing and exhilarating! Now it seemed to be taunting her, mocking her for coming back to her nest. "Leave me be!" She said again, louder this time. She covered herself up with a pile of old newspaper and squeezed her eyes shut tight.

For a while, she heard nothing. All was still, save for the sweet song of the crickets on the ground below every so often. After she thought everything was calm again, Sally got up slowly, silently, and crept towards the opening of her nest. She had to see where this strange wind had gone, and where it had come from. A fear filled her, a fear she didn’t remember feeling before. Her heart jumped into her throat, but still, for reasons she could not explain, she went on. When she reached her door, she took a deep breath and stepped outside. She looked around curiously, suspiciously, and saw nothing, heard nothing. She breathed a deep sigh of relief, laughing at herself. It must have been a bad dream. It was certainly nothing more. She turned around to go back inside. Suddenly, out of nowhere, that same wind, which had been waiting stealthily behind her tree, seemed to grab her by her foot and throw her into the air. She plummeted towards the forest floor, with a pitiful, almost silent scream that no one else could hear, for it was the middle of the night and they were safe in their homes.


  1. Very intriguing, it's charming, almost like a children's book but with more substance. When you know how it ends, you should definitely finish it!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!! I love the way you write. :)