Monday, July 11, 2011


For two weeks! I'm honestly quite excited and I cannot sleep because of this.
My previous blog stated something similar to this fact already, but it was kind of angsty and teenager-y and written out of something akin to frustration. So, sorry about that.

But now that I'm happier, I see that this will be a beneficial trip for me in all aspects.
~ I won't even have the opportunity to use a cell phone or computer, because Yellowstone is just old-school like that, and I love it. I will have no distractions whatsoever.
~ I will get to spend some much-needed time with my lovely family.
~ I'll be able to get back in touch with my more artsy side. Nature just does that to me.
~ Nothing. Will. Be. Rushed. I will have nowhere to be. No one to see. Just lil' ol' me, and the family. (Poetryyy!)

It's coming back that's gonna be the hard part. Mostly with
Usually, I'm okay with change, but when it comes to people I love, I'd prefer them just stay consistent.
I'm not really the most consistent friend, ask nearly anyone I know. But the people I do have in my life, I love more than life itself.
And the day I get back, I'll have, like, two weeks left with two of my dearest and closest friends. And then they'll go to college. And life will happen.

BAH but I don't want to think about that. The here and the now. That's what's important.
And right NOW, I have to wake up in approximately four hours to leave on a roadtrip! :D

Thank goodness that car rides were created for naps.

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  1. We'll have the best two weeks of our lives after you get back! ;)

    Have fun, thing 1. (I can rhyme too. ;) )
    Love you!