Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why am I awake right now...?

I've been saying for a long time now that I'm going to start getting up early (earlier...?), but I never truly believed it. However, here I am! 8:30am, making progress!

Do you kids realize how much times have changed?
There are, like, a million new outlets of communication open to us than there were even 20 years ago.
Okay, maybe not a million, but at least two: Texting and Facebook (Or MySpace, if you're still aboard that ghetto train).
And I consider them both to be somewhat dangerous if they're not handled in the proper fashion.
Consider the following scenarios one puts themselves in when they involve themselves with our current outlets of social media.

1) One doesn't have to put any effort whatsoever into what he or she is saying. For example:
Billy - hey u
Carla - how r u
Billy - fine u
Carla - good, wut r u up 2
Billy - nm u
Carla - nm just chillin

This chit chat can go on for hours, and all the while, NOTHING worthwhile is actually being said.

2) Something can be taken wayyy out of context, and can lead to a completely unnecessary conflict. For example:
Billy - hey babe how was ur night?
Carla - fine :) went out w the girls. urs?
Billy - cool. hope u had a good time.

This can oftentimes lead to a ridiculous amount of overthinking on Carla's part.
"Do those two short sentences ending in periods mean that he wishes I had gone out with him instead tonight?? If they had ended in exclamation points, surely it would have been a given that he was sincere... A smiley face would have been reassuring too..."
Carla, do you even realize what you're saying right now? A smiley face would have been reassuring?

Carla - whats that supposed to mean?

And then it alllll goes downhill from there.
Honey, he's a man. He's not incredibly passive-aggressive and manipulative like you and the rest of womankind. He's probably just sayin' what he means.

*Guys, I'd just like to take this moment to say thank you. Although some of you out there are douchebags, thanks for being honest about it. XD*
*And I'm sorry on behalf of my gender. I know we're crazy.*

3) We have it way too easy. Nobody has to step up and be proactive in getting to know another person better, and Facebook is THE WORST for this. I hate Facebook and I love Facebook.

- Add someone as a friend, and you automatically know some of the most important things about him or her (or, at least, what he or she wants people to think are the most important things about him or her... [the internet is a wonderful tool of deceit]), so why ask? Just do a little Stalk-booking, as my mum calls it, and you have a new acquaintance without ever actually having to have a real conversation! Creepy much?

- You have to put absolutely no effort into talking to a certain person you actually want to talk to.
Nobody wants to take a chance on people anymore. We're all too high on our horses to step down and even consider the possibility of being rejected, so the smart thing to do (obviously) is sit at your computer for hours, wait until someone you legitimately want to talk to appears in the magical chat box, and send him or her an extremely casual "What's up" message.
If this person doesn't reply, or is just simply short in his or her responses, you don't have to be all self-conscious waiting for him or her, because, hey, you can convince yourself that you were simply talking to that person out of convenience.

Convenience, convenience, convenience.
Isn't that what we're all about?
Convenience and comfort and instant gratification.
Welcome to America in the 21st Century, ladies and gents! Ain't it grand?

I think a lot of us have very skewed views on what relationships are supposed to be like. Trust me, I'm not excluding myself from this group, but sometimes it gets frustrating seeing the so-called predicaments the people around me put themselves in.
I went out with a boy last night.
I'm not 100% sure if we "went out" or went out, if you know what I mean. Quotation marks work wonders!
Anyway, dinner and a movie. Classic.
And it was SO refreshing to be able to sit down with a guy and just have fun and face-to-face conversation and delicious food and watch a horribly awkward, hilarious film.
Not to say that it didn't leave me wondering (Probably the fault of my overactive brain), but hey, a really cool person put a legitimate effort into getting to know me (the real me, not the Facebook me) better, and that's enough for now [:


Thursday, June 2, 2011


I think I'm becoming a hermit for a week, starting Sunday XD

That's really all. I'm hoping to become incredibly inspired and then blog a lot and share it with you.