Sunday, January 23, 2011

The start of something new.

... And now that dadgum High School Musical song is going to be stuck in my head for who knows how long...
::turns on Regina Spektor to prevent any further HSM-singing::
::sees that Zune has a major scratch on screen::
(That was just for you, Sierra Eberle.)

I guess I need an iPod now, like everyone else...

Side note: I'm going to stop capitalizing my posts like they're titles. Only the first word will be capitalized. I've decided that's sufficient.

SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW. I can't believe I'm this excited.
I'm stoked to meet new people, mostly.
I mean, the learning part will be cool, too... I guess...
Just getting out there again will be fun.
But with school starting also comes my full-time work position in full swing.
Tomorrow, I have to be at work 15 minutes after I get out of school.
Same with Wednesday.
I'm gonna need some supernatural assistance plzkthx.

Ah, this week is going to be good, I think.
I got to talk to a really cool person tonight who shed a lot of light on my current situation without knowing it XD
I got to return the favor.

I am in repairrrrr...
::listens to John Mayer::

Okay, Sierra, I'm done.

Goodnight, world! (;

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